Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red, White and FLEX

We want to Feature our new enhanced ComfortFlex sport orthotic. The ComfortFlex is one of our most popular devices and it just got even better! We added a white subortholene shell (2.0mm under 150 lbs and 3.0mm over 150lbs), extrinsic red rear foot post in high density EVA and blue low density EVA arch fill. There is a suede bottom cover and the standard top is Cloud EVA to mets. Like all of our custom foot orthotics, you may select any length and any of our seven different top covers materials.  July is a great month to feature our enhanced ComfortFlex device. If you have any questions about our sport orthotics or any of our custom foot orthotics, please call us at 1-888-523-1600 or visit our website for detailed product information www.comfortfitlabs.com.

Features of the ComfortFlex
n Semi-flexible sport orthotic
n Designed for active patients requiring the most shock absorption with full rearfoot control
n White subortholene shell (2.0mm/3.0mm)
n High density EVA extrinsic rear foot post
n Low density EVA arch fill
n Cloud EVA top cover

ComfortFlex is recommended for the following activities: running, aerobics, high interval training, baskeball, and hiking