Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fit Feature for July


Casual Fit Plus

The first thing most of your female patients will ask you when you recommend custom foot orthotics is “Will I have to buy new shoes?” or “Can I still wear my shoes.” Women and their shoes is a love/hate relationship.
We want to Feature our Women’s CasualFit and CasualFit Plus this month.  

Our women’s dress series of orthotics is designed for women who want to wear stylish shoes. For those women who will not compromise fashion for comfort, we have the answer with our Casualfit, Casualfit Plus and Slimfit devices. In addition, our Graphlite carbon composite can be substituted for any of our standard shells in the dress orthotic series, making them even more appealing with graphlite’s thin, lightweight features. Our standard top cover is burgundy vinyl and our standard length is sulcus length on all of our women’s dress devices.

The CasualFit is designed for narrow pumps and flats.  It has a low profile orthotic for support and shock reduction and the shell is cut away from the 5th met base to the 2nd interspace, allowing better fit for shoes with a more narrow shank. The CasualFit Plus is designed for high heels and open-back shoes and sandals and is the best choice for boots. It is slim (cut more narrow) throughout the medial and lateral border and has a full width forefoot. The CasualFit Plus provides greater control.

Both the CasualFit and CasualFit Plus have natural subortholene shell, intrinsic RF posts and a suede bottom cover. The standard length is to the sulcus with a burgundy vinyl top cover but as with all of our devices you change the length and select from one of our 7 top cover choices and add any additions/modifications at no charge. Shipping is always included in our flat rate custom orthotic pricing.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Amazing Summer Promotion

What? You want another money saving Summer Promotion? Well, we got one for you..

We want to make sure all of our customers are aware of our Enhanced Medicare Approved Diabetic Insert package. Our new Summer Special price includes 3 pairs of Medicare Approved A5513 custom diabetic inserts, standard accommodations, and inbound and outbound shipping. You can also purchase one or two pairs of diabetic inserts instead of the package of three.

In addition to our Diabetic Insert Package, we offer Medicare Approved Diabetic Shoes from Propet, Drew, InStride and Ped-Lite.

If you have any questions about our diabetic program please call Customer Service at 1-888-523-1600 or visit our website for detailed product information and downloadable order forms and sell sheets

Standard Accommodations

■Met Pads
■Arch Fill

Also available for a small charge

■Toe Fill (CAD/CAM)
CAD/CAM version is not Medicare Approved
■Toe Prosthesis


Turn around time on A5513 diabetic inserts is 10-14 business days. The lab must receive a cast or have a cast on file to complete an order for A5513 inserts.


Monday, June 9, 2014

June Fit Feature

Fit Feature June 2014 - Pediatric UCBL



Do not forget about your smallest patients. Our pediatric functional orthotics are specifically designed to meet the needs of growing feet so that you can effect structural changes before the bones are fully formed. These orthotics will fit in a wide variety of children's shoes.
We want to Feature our Pediatric UCBL this month.  

The Pediatric UCBL helps stabilize flexible foot deformity and controls severe pronation and the collapse of midtarsal joints. It features high medial and lateral flanges that extend just proximal to the 1st and 5th met heads. The molded heel cup fully encompasses the heel. Full biomechanical control can be achieved with this device. We use a multicolored subortholene 3.0 mm shell and an extrinsic, white high –density EVA rear foot post with non-skid bottom plate.

As with all of our orthotics, you can order the UCBL as a full length or met length. Our standard is met length. You can select from one of our 7 top cover choices and add any additions/modifications at no charge. Shipping is always included in our flat rate custom orthotic pricing.

We understand that some parents can not afford custom foot orthotics for their children if their insurance does not cover orthotic devices. We also offer a pre-fabricated UCBL device which is a great low cost option for many patients. Often times, parents will try the pre-fabricated Comfort Kid first and feel more comfortable investing the money in custom UCBL once they see the results. Our Comfort Kid has a multi-layer, firm anti-pronatary, firm medial and lateral flanges with soft foam top and anti-slip bottom.  It fits children’s sizes 3-4 to youth 7.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Free Post-Op Shoe with Purchase

Summer Promotion - FREE Post-Op Shoe

One FREE Post-Op Shoe
when you order 5 or more of any Night Splint, Walker or Sport-Fit Brace. You can order a combination of any of the products on this page to equal 5.

Select from our two Post-Op Shoe styles: Square Toe or Mesh Top. We will ship your free shoe with your brace/night splint order. You can download the promotional order form from our website Select Order Forms and Sell Sheets

Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe

Square Toe Post-Op Shoe


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May's Fit Focus

Each month we will focus on one of our custom foot orthotics. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our complete line of custom orthotics click on the Custom Orthotics tab on our homepage, send us an email or call us directly 1-888-523-1600.

SportFit Flex

All of our sport orthotics are multipurpose devices used for a wide range of sports and general activities and are biomechanically designed for subtalar control. These devices are recommended for active patients in need of firm control for plantar fasciitis and severe pronation.


We want to Feature our SportFit Flex this month. Our SportFit Flex features a semi-flexible Santoprene shell and red RF post 55 durometer. This device is designed for active patients that require moderate to severe rearfoot control but minimal arch support and pressure. Patients who can not tolerate a rigid device will appreciate the SportFit Flex. This is our most flexible sport device. The SportFit Flex will fit into most athletic shoes and can be used for any activity.



As with all of our orthotics, you can order the SportFlex as a full length or met length. You can select from one of our 7 top cover choices and add any additions/modifications at no charge. Shipping is always included in our flat rate custom orthotic pricing.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9th Annual Phoenix Area Sjogren's Walkabout

Thank you to everyone who came to see us in Phoenix at the Sjogren's Walkabout. Our very own Dr. Campbell is an Ambassador for the Sjogren's Foundation and we were a major sponsor for the event. We had a great time and loved the opportunity to support Dr. Campbell, the foundation and it's members. None of our pictures turned out very great but I am posting a few anyway!

Sunday, January 5, 2014