Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update due to storm Sandy

Due to monster storm Sandy, the lab is closed today, Tuesday, October 30th. Thankfully, the lab had no damage due to the storm and as soon as power is restored, we will be back up and running. We will do everything possible to resume normal business operations as soon as we can. We will be working overtime to catch up on missed work days due to the storm. Currently, the phone lines are not working. If you have any questions, please contact Howie at 1.888.362.2021 or email us at comfortfitlabs@aol.com. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Howell Schorr

Tom Calagna

ComfortFit Orthotic Labs

Friday, October 26, 2012

Save on Medicare Approved Diabetic Inserts

The below was our latest customer email that was sent out today. We know nobody likes getting junk email and we value your privacy (and time - I mean who wants to spend 15 minutes deleting daily junk emails) so we only send you information about new products or price reductions! How cool is that for customer service?
Save on Medicare approved custom diabetic inserts (A5513) with ComfortFit Labs. Our package of three pairs of A5513 coded inserts is now just $70.00. In addition to this low price, you can now add standard accommodationsto these custom inserts at no additional charge and we provide FAST turnaround. You can also use your Tom-Cat in office scanner for your A5513 orders.

We offer a wide range of diabetic shoes from popular manufacturers such as as Propet, Drew, InStride and Ped-Lite and all of our diabetic shoes are featured on our website without prices to help make product selection easier for your patients. We are your one stop provider for your diabetic patients.

We have detailed product information and photos for the diabetic shoe styles offered by all of our vendors on our website. Additionally, we do not list prices on our website so feel free to send your patients to our website to shop our large selection of Medicare Approved shoes; this will save your office staff time in the exam room. If you need new sell sheets and order forms please contact customer service at 1-888-523-1600 or download them from our website at www.comfortfitlabs.com.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Have an article or opinion to share?

If you have an article or opinion to share with your fellow practitioners we would love to feature it on our blog. Please email contact@comfortfitlabs.com so we can feature you on our blog and our website. Thank you!

Check out our NEW website - we designed it for YOU!

We launched our redesigned website recently.  You have to check it out! We designed our website with you and your customers in mind. The new website boasts a clean and streamlined design allowing you to easily access information. You can download sell sheets and order forms, watch casting videos, enroll in educational webinars, check status of open orders, email technical questions to the lab and read detailed descriptions of all of ComfortFit's product offerings. Your customers can view all of the products we have available including our extensive line of diabetic shoes. This will save you time in the exam room for that patient who can't make up their mind. We will continue to add new features to our website over the next six months including an exclusive practitioner sign-in section so you can view all of our prices. www.comfortfitlabs.com